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Hunting and fishing benefit Michigan.
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Hunting brings people together.
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Hunting is Michigan’s best friend.
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Hunting is good for Michigan’s economy.
Whether you hunt or fish, both or neither, chances are you appreciate the natural resources that make our great state so special. Our waters, wildlife and forests are here for generations to come, thanks to hunting and fishing.
Revenue from these activities plays a big role in keeping Michigan beautiful and thriving.

In 2020 alone, hunting and fishing:

  • Provided $65.6 million for wildlife conservation through license purchases
  • Boosted Michigan’s economy by $11.2 billion!
  • Supported 171,000 Michigan jobs
  • Helped keep wildlife populations in balance and restored threatened species and habitats
  • Provided a healthy way to get outdoors and connect safely with friends and family

All made possible by hunting and fishing – not state taxes!

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