The Michigan Wildlife Council is entrusted with educating the public about the importance of wildlife conservation and its role in preserving Michigan’s great outdoor heritage for future generations.

Ensuring our forests, waters and wildlife are clean, healthy and support diverse wildlife is important to our families and outdoor traditions, our economy and our overall enjoyment of the outdoors.

All people of Michigan enjoy the state’s beautiful forests, waters and wildlife, which is why we take great care to protect and enhance these valuable assets. The Michigan Wildlife Council is dedicated to increasing public knowledge about how wildlife and Michigan’s outdoors are managed and funded so that we can continue to enjoy them as we do today.

Establishment of the Council

The council is a governor-appointed, nine-member public body established by Michigan Public Act No. 246 of 2013. The legislation updated the hunting and fishing license fee structure and requires the state Department of Natural Resources to use $1 from the sale of every license to fund the Michigan Wildlife Council public education campaign. The $1 share of each license sale generates approximately $1.6 million annually in revenue.

Michigan Wildlife Council Members

The nine members of the Michigan Wildlife Council are located in all parts of the state and represent a wide range of residents, but they share a common vision when it involves Michigan’s cherished outdoor traditions — ensuring they’re here for generations. Council members — appointed by the governor and subject to the advice and consent of the Michigan Senate — are entrusted with educating the public about the importance of conserving and managing our forests, waters and wildlife.

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