How Michigan Makes “It” Happen

Ever wonder how the Mitten State benefits economically from conservation and wildlife management? Well, it takes a lot of hard work! Keeping Michigan’s natural resources accessible and enjoyable starts with people — from hunters and anglers to biologists, conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. It takes a village to maintain the beauty and balance of Michigan’s backyard.

What does conservation and wildlife management look like in Michigan?


generated annually for Michigan’s economy from hunting and fishing


supported by hunting and fishing

Targeted disease prevention efforts

Endangered species management


36,000 miles of rivers and streams

20 million acres of forest

$95 million+

generated for statewide conservation efforts from hunting and fishing licenses and equipment


But how does “it” happen?

While it’s true that in Michigan sales from hunting and fishing licenses are what largely fund conservation efforts, other factors also affect our ability to conserve thousands of miles of freshwater shorelines, millions of acres of forests and a vast and diverse population of wildlife!

We couldn’t have this:

Benefits to wildlife

Scientific wildlife management keeps animal populations in balance, restores native populations of rare, threatened or endangered species and prevents the spread of disease and invasive species.

Benefits to our waters

Conservationists keep pollution from our waters, restore aquatic habitats and wetlands and prevent invasive species from contaminating lakes, rivers and streams.

Benefits to our forests

Careful management keeps Michigan’s 20 million acres of trees healthy — providing habitat for thousands of wildlife species, reducing wildfire and flood risk and maintaining a renewable resource that creates jobs and revenue.

Without someone paying for that:

Fishing and hunting gear

Lodging for visitors, hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts

Dinner and groceries while on a trip

Souvenirs and donations

Learn about how to help ensure Michigan’s unique natural resources are here to enjoy for generations to come.

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