Don’t be fooled by invasive species


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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Some plants that may appear beautiful and harmless, but are actually invading the state. Emily DuThinh, of the Oakland County CISMA which stands for Cooperative Invasive Species Management, joined Live in the D in the studio to talk about invasive species. Southeast Michigan has beautiful lakes that are being threatened by invasive species that come from other parts of the world. With the increase in global trade and transportation, plants and animals sometimes hitchhike either intentionally or unintentionally across borders. For example, Japanese Knotweed and Phragmites are two critical invasive plant species to be on the look out for. These plants grow on roadsides and drainage ditches and can harm the environment by increasing the risk of fire. They can also affect property values for homeowners by blocking of access to water and recreational areas. Additionally, their roots can penetrate asphalt, concrete and grow in brick walls, destroying the foundation of a home.

To learn more about invasive species in Michigan visit, Another great source is

Invasive species can greatly impact property values. Photo Credit: Oakland County CISMA
Invasive species can impede native plant growth. Now that the phragmities have been removed from Waldron Creek, native plant species are thriving. Photo credit: Oakland County CISMA
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