Take a hike and learn about local conservation efforts

Flower on trail

eightWest - WOODTV
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Living in an urban area such as Grand Rapids, may lead you to believe that nature and efforts to conserve our natural resources are far away. But that really is not the case. Brower Lake Nature Preserve, managed by the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, is a natural gem just a short distance from Rockford. It is home to a mature oak-hickory forest and one of Michigan’s rarest ecosystems - an oak barren. Because many native Michigan species depend on this disappearing ecosystem - such as birds, butterflies, grasshoppers and more - it is important that the ecosystem be managed for future generations to enjoy.

For more information about this location and others managed by the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, visit naturenearby.org.


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