Conservation efforts aim to raise population of Lake Sturgeon

Lake Sturgeon

FOX17 - Morning Mix
Wednesday, September 17, 2019

Throughout  Michigan, wildlife conservation efforts are happening every day to protect our wildlife and natural resources for current and future generations. These efforts have led to the restoration of numerous populations of species from the Kirtland's Warbler to the elk.

One of the species that are particularly important to Michigan is the lake sturgeon. Conservation and collaboration efforts are in place to make sure they are prevalent in Michigan waters once again.

The lake sturgeon is a native species which goes back to the beginning of the Great Lakes. They are unique in the fact that they have bone-like plates that come from the time of the dinosaurs, so they can grow to be seven feet long, 100 pounds, and live to be almost 100-years-old.

The Grand Rapids Public Museum and John Ball Zoo have created an exhibit at each location highlighting the sturgeon and how they've played a role in the Grand River. The exhibits put a spotlight on the growth and decline of the Lake Sturgeon over the past couple of decades, and how conservation efforts on the river will help grow the sturgeon population in the long run.

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