Hare today, hare tomorrow

Climate change has not been kind to Michigan’s snowshoe hare. Every year, the coats of these small mammals change with the seasons – snow-white in winter, reddish-brown in summer – to help conceal them from predators. But for more than a decade, Michigan has seen above-average winter temperatures that have resulted in less snowfall. And […]

Conserving wildlife at Allegan State Game Area

Where in the Wild? – FOX17 Tuesday, November 14, 2017 The Allegan State Game Area has benefited from numerous habitat restoration projects, many of them thanks to Pheasants Forever. For the past 20 years, members of Pheasants Forever and other local organizations have been focusing on trying to convert and create grassland areas, focusing on […]

Regenerating forests for healthy wildlife habitats

“The Grouse Machine” serves “The King” – and in the process, various habitants of Michigan’s forests benefit. The machine is a Caterpillar skid steer with a forestry-mulching head that the Ruffed Grouse Society uses to create habitat for the organization’s namesake bird, nicknamed “The King” because of its elusiveness and wildness. An operator drives the […]

Volunteers make a lasting impact on Michigan wildlife

Mark VanBogelen does what he can for Mother Nature … and what he can do is cook. “We’d been out all morning with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs cutting down invasive shrubs in some deep snow and I found out it was a little more taxing than my physical condition could handle,” said VanBogelen, 67. […]
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