Hare today, hare tomorrow

Climate change has not been kind to Michigan’s snowshoe hare. Every year, the coats of these small mammals change with the seasons – snow-white in winter, reddish-brown in summer – to help conceal them from predators. But for more than a decade, Michigan has seen above-average winter temperatures that have resulted in less snowfall. And […]

Michiganders thankful for turkey’s restoration

For many people in Southeast Michigan, turkeys evoke thoughts of Thanksgiving dinner, time spent with family, watching parades and football. For others throughout the region and state, the birds represent Michigan’s outdoor heritage and the food hunting puts on the table for generations of families. However people think about turkey this Thanksgiving, all Michiganders can […]

Preserving Michigan’s Waterways

Live in the D – WDIV Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Even though the weather is turning colder, you should still consider traveling outdoors with your family - maybe even trying something new? Michigan is fortunate to have many waterways, including over 11,000 inland lakes, and the largest sources of cold freshwater in North America - […]

Conserving wildlife at Allegan State Game Area

Where in the Wild? – FOX17 Tuesday, November 14, 2017 The Allegan State Game Area has benefited from numerous habitat restoration projects, many of them thanks to Pheasants Forever. For the past 20 years, members of Pheasants Forever and other local organizations have been focusing on trying to convert and create grassland areas, focusing on […]

Hunting contributes year-round benefits to wildlife

Nov. 15 – a day many consider a holiday. Even those who don’t personally observe the opening day of deer season can have something to be thankful for. Not only can they count on family, friends and co-workers skipping work to seek white-tailed deer in Michigan’s woods and fields, but they can also look forward […]

Regenerating forests for healthy wildlife habitats

“The Grouse Machine” serves “The King” – and in the process, various habitants of Michigan’s forests benefit. The machine is a Caterpillar skid steer with a forestry-mulching head that the Ruffed Grouse Society uses to create habitat for the organization’s namesake bird, nicknamed “The King” because of its elusiveness and wildness. An operator drives the […]

Volunteers make a lasting impact on Michigan wildlife

Mark VanBogelen does what he can for Mother Nature … and what he can do is cook. “We’d been out all morning with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs cutting down invasive shrubs in some deep snow and I found out it was a little more taxing than my physical condition could handle,” said VanBogelen, 67. […]

Preparing for winter

This content was originally published by ClickonDetroit's Live in the D. Click here to view the story. Live in the D – WDIV Wednesday, October 25, 2017 As the weather cools down, Michigan wildlife begin gearing up for winter. Species like squirrels gather food, many species of birds migrate south, and other animals prepare to […]

Diverse group has common cause: restoring pheasants in Michigan

Merlin acts like a puppy again. Nose to the ground, the 10-year-old chocolate Lab bounds across the grassy field hot on the scent. Approaching a thicket, he flushes a ring-necked pheasant into the bright morning sky. It’s a sight to behold for Dan Potter. “I love just watching the birds and watching the dogs doing […]

Peregrine falcons back from brink of extinction

Peregrine falcons in Michigan are making a big comeback. Thanks to decades of careful wildlife management – including installing man-made nesting boxes atop skyscrapers in Detroit, Grand Rapids and other southern Michigan cities – the world’s fastest predator is on the rebound and returning to its natural habitat in the Upper Peninsula. Once extirpated in […]

Crooked Lake Marsh is a biodiversity hotspot

At Crooked Lake Marsh, you never know what you’re going to get. Nestled in the heart of southwest Michigan’s Allegan State Game Area, Crooked Lake Marsh is home to the largest concentration of rare plants in the state — and its lineup is constantly changing. Covering more than 50,000 acres, Allegan State Game Area is […]
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