Restoring our state’s aquatic ecosystems

Feeding the Fish at Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery


eightWest - WOOD-TV
April 22, 2019

Living in Michigan, residents are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful water resources. But did you know that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources help manage our aquatic resources, including numerous species of fish? Michigan has fish hatcheries located across the state, where fish are raised to stock our lakes and waterways. Fish hatcheries are also a place where you can see fish up close and learn about the importance of wildlife conservation - and they are free to visit. Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery has both indoor and outdoor facilities producing four different fish species - Steelhead Trout, Chinook Salmon, Walleye and Great Lakes Musky. The work being done there is really helping to maintain our state's diverse aquatic ecosystems. To learn more about fishing stocking and the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery, visit

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