How to combat invasive aquatic species

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Aquatic invasive species include aquatic plants that are not native to Michigan and can harm the environment, human health or the economy. Examples of these invasive species include Phragmities, Zebra Muscles, Milfoil, Yellow Floating Heart, European Frogbit and Flowering Rush.

While European Frogbit have beautiful flowers, their beauty disguises the threat they have on native wildlife. Invasive species compete with native plants and animals, disrupting the natural order of the ecosystem by depleting food sources and pushing native species out.

Invasive plant species not only spread naturally but also by recreational activities. For example, there is a high probability of spreading aquatic invasives via boat, particularly when boats are not washed from one body of water to the next.

Currently, the West Michigan CISMA has been working to remove the European Frogbit at Reeds Lake.

To learn more about invasive species in Michigan and the West Michigan CISMA, visit


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