Michigan fish hatcheries help balance the ecosystem

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand. That’s been especially true in Michigan when it comes to replenishing lost fish populations and establishing new ones in the Great Lakes and inland waters. By the late 19th century, fish had begun disappearing due to habitat destruction, over-fishing, dam construction and pollution. Intensive management practices then became […]

Rare Kirtland’s warbler making a comeback

Karen Markey has been covered in ticks. She’s fallen flat on her face. She’s gotten lost in the middle of the northern Michigan woods. But there’s nowhere else she would rather be. “Nothing is more satisfying than getting out in that jack pine forest and hearing a Kirtland’s warbler in the distance. It’s Pure Michigan,” […]

Birds of prey at the Outdoor Discovery Center

Morning Mix – FOX17 Tuesday March 28, 2017 The Outdoor Discovery Center is one of the many places in Michigan where people can embrace and explore wildlife. The preserve has 155 acres of land, and through animal ambassadors, scenic trails, and educational programs, they work to teach the community how to manage the wildlife for […]
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