Grand Rapids: Water, water everywhere

If water is your thing, then Grand Rapids is your place. With more than 50 lakes and four rivers just minutes from the heart of the city, there’s no question why Grand Rapids was singled out as “Best River Town” by Outside Magazine in its list of “25 of America’s best towns ever.” The magazine […]

Be A Belle Isle Volunteer

Live in the D - WDIV Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Northern Michigan isn’t the only place to get outdoors. From paddling to fishing, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beauty on Belle Isle. Now you can play a key role in keeping Belle Isle beautiful. Volunteer opportunities include removing invasive plants, planting native […]

A Water Wonderland, Right in Southeast Michigan

Think the only place to play in the water is Up North? Think again. More and more metro Detroiters are finding all sorts of watery fun right here in southeast Michigan, according to travel experts. “Metro Detroit is an ideal location for fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding and just relaxing along a beautiful stretch of water,” […]

Rare Kirtland’s warbler making a comeback

Karen Markey has been covered in ticks. She’s fallen flat on her face. She’s gotten lost in the middle of the northern Michigan woods. But there’s nowhere else she would rather be. “Nothing is more satisfying than getting out in that jack pine forest and hearing a Kirtland’s warbler in the distance. It’s Pure Michigan,” […]

Inspiring the next generation of nature lovers

When you are surrounded by 7 million people and a whole lot of concrete, how do you inspire the next generation of conservationists? You get them outside. “In Metro Detroit, if you want a world-class outdoor recreational experience you’ll find it right in your own backyard at the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge,” said John Hartig, […]

‘Dinosaur Fish’ May Outlive Us All

With their large suction mouth, shark-like tail, and rows of bony plates up and down its 6-foot-long body, lake sturgeon are pretty intimidating. But not to 12-year-old Elena Guc. “I think it’s really interesting how lake sturgeon have been around since dinosaur times and how their different features help them survive and live to be […]

Flygirls Find Peace, Friendship on the Water

Knee-deep in a clear Michigan trout stream is Ann Miller’s happy place. “Fishing is the only time when I can escape from all life’s worries and just think about what I’m doing on the river,” said Miller, co-founder of Flygirls of Michigan, a club born 21 years ago out of the need for more fly-fishing […]

Rocky Mountain Elk at the Outdoor Discovery Center

Morning Mix – FOX17 Tuesday March 14, 2017 The Outdoor Discovery Center is one of the many places in Michigan where people can embrace and explore wildlife. The preserve has 155 acres of land, and through animal ambassadors, scenic trails, and educational programs, they work to teach the community how to preserve the wildlife for future […]

Discover the great outdoors in a surprising indoor place in the D

Live in the D – WDIV Monday, March 13, 2017 The Michigan Department of Natural Resource's Outdoor Adventure Center, located in downtown Detroit, seeks to give visitors a taste of Michigan’s great outdoors through hands-on activities, exhibits and simulators, allowing its visitors the chance to experience exciting outdoor adventures in the heart of the city. […]

5 buried treasures you’ll discover on Harsens Island

From the southwestern tip of Harsens Island you can just make out Detroit’s Renaissance Center on the horizon. But turn your back to the city and it feels like you’re a thousand miles away. “Harsens Island is a little bit of paradise,” said Leonard Sandbank, 73, a lifelong island visitor. Tucked away at the north […]

Banding an important tool in bird conservation

Never seen a woodcock chick? Just imagine a Ping-Pong ball covered in feathers. Now imagine trying to gently hold that tiny, squirming ball of fluff while placing a numbered aluminum ring around its little leg. Biologists have successfully used this delicate process – known as bird banding – for more than a century to track […]
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