Watch fish climb a ladder in Grand Rapids

It's the only spot in Grand Rapids where you can admire art and watch migrating fish at the same time. Fish Ladder Park features a sculpture designed to allow spawning fish to bypass the imposing Sixth Street Dam on the Grand River. "This beautiful sculpture is truly a unique way to allow species such as […]

Habitat management allows diverse species to thrive

How do we preserve Michigan's wildlife for future generations? We do it together, one habitat at a time. "From forest managers and farmers to hunters and biologists, Michigan is committed to conserving habitat for wildlife, helping to protect and enhance the species that are part of our natural heritage," said Matt Pedigo of the Michigan […]

Michigan conservationists aim to lift monarch populations

Dan Kennedy fondly recalls that when he was a kid he commonly saw monarch butterflies while he was outside playing. Now, in his position as endangered species coordinator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, it’s his job to help ensure that future generations will experience the pleasure of similar encounters. But he’s not alone. […]

‘Grand Fish, Grand River’ Michigan’s Lake Sturgeon

“The Exchange” – WZZM-TV Wednesday, April 20, 2016 The Michigan Wildlife Council’s Jeff Poet and Dr. Stephanie Ogren of the Grand Rapids Public Museum talk with “The Exchange” host about the importance of wildlife conservation in Michigan, including the great lakes sturgeon featured in the museum's latest exhibit, "Grand Fish, Grand River."

Osprey Paparazzi

Birds attain celebrity status after resurgence in Southeast Michigan MILFORD – It’s a fascination. Every day, March through October, photographers of all ages, races and skill levels haul their cameras, tripods and folding chairs down to the shores of Wildwing Lake in Kensington Metropark. And they wait. “They call us the ‘Osprey Paparazzi’ because on […]
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