Michiganders thankful for turkey’s restoration

For many people in Southeast Michigan, turkeys evoke thoughts of Thanksgiving dinner, time spent with family, watching parades and football. For others throughout the region and state, the birds represent Michigan’s outdoor heritage and the food hunting puts on the… Read more “Michiganders thankful for turkey’s restoration”

Regenerating forests for healthy wildlife habitats

“The Grouse Machine” serves “The King” – and in the process, various habitants of Michigan’s forests benefit. The machine is a Caterpillar skid steer with a forestry-mulching head that the Ruffed Grouse Society uses to create habitat for the organization’s… Read more “Regenerating forests for healthy wildlife habitats”

Diverse group has common cause: restoring pheasants in Michigan

Merlin acts like a puppy again. Nose to the ground, the 10-year-old chocolate Lab bounds across the grassy field hot on the scent. Approaching a thicket, he flushes a ring-necked pheasant into the bright morning sky. It’s a sight to… Read more “Diverse group has common cause: restoring pheasants in Michigan”

Improving Michigan’s elk habitat is a family affair

Their grins say it all. It’s been a long day tearing down old fences and rickety sheds, but there’s nowhere on earth this grandfather and grandson would rather be. “I just wish everybody was as fortunate as I am to… Read more “Improving Michigan’s elk habitat is a family affair”

Peregrine falcons back from brink of extinction

Peregrine falcons in Michigan are making a big comeback. Thanks to decades of careful wildlife management – including installing man-made nesting boxes atop skyscrapers in Detroit, Grand Rapids and other southern Michigan cities – the world’s fastest predator is on… Read more “Peregrine falcons back from brink of extinction”

Protecting Peregrine Falcons

Morning Mix – FOX17 Tuesday, July 11, 2017 The peregrine falcon is one of only nine bird species that are listed on Michigan’s list of endangered species. After their Midwest population was nearly eliminated in the mid-1960s due to problems… Read more “Protecting Peregrine Falcons”

Rare Kirtland’s warbler making a comeback

Karen Markey has been covered in ticks. She’s fallen flat on her face. She’s gotten lost in the middle of the northern Michigan woods. But there’s nowhere else she would rather be. “Nothing is more satisfying than getting out in… Read more “Rare Kirtland’s warbler making a comeback”

‘Dinosaur Fish’ May Outlive Us All

With their large suction mouth, shark-like tail, and rows of bony plates up and down its 6-foot-long body, lake sturgeon are pretty intimidating. But not to 12-year-old Elena Guc. “I think it’s really interesting how lake sturgeon have been around… Read more “‘Dinosaur Fish’ May Outlive Us All”

Rocky Mountain Elk at the Outdoor Discovery Center

Morning Mix – FOX17 Tuesday March 14, 2017 The Outdoor Discovery Center is one of the many places in Michigan where people can embrace and explore wildlife. The preserve has 155 acres of land, and through animal ambassadors, scenic trails,… Read more “Rocky Mountain Elk at the Outdoor Discovery Center”
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